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     Peace Beloved. As the Founder & "Mother" of Haus Of Blanco, it warms my heart to welcome you all to our space. I am formally known as Dr. J.N. Huskey, (Holistic Psychotherapist, CNHP, CHHC) but affectionately & preferably known as "Muva Blanco" or simply "Muva". 


     A little about myself, I wear many hats. Aside from my platform as a Spiritual Advisor, I also specialize in Holistic Therapy/Coaching, as well an instructor of Metaphysical & Esoteric Science. Combining spirituality & Mental Health Support is a true & deep-rooted passion of mine.

     Titles & accolades are cute or whatever, but for me, I prefer my work & my energy to speak for me. My entire mission with Haus Of Blanco is to create a safe space for people to learn, grow, & feel like they belong. My main priorities are creating a supportive platform, helping others tap into their power, & restoring the Divine Feminine Energy. 

     Feel free to create a student profile & take a look around the site. Be sure to register for any classes that resonate with you. If you're thirsty for spiritual knowledge, you're in the right place! 

"Muva Blanco"

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