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Changes to HOB Academy

Hey beloved! As we prepare to enter into 2021 we will have quite a few changes to HOB Academy. We have been working non-stop to make sure that the academy is growing & advancing & I’m definitely proud of the direction of everything is going in. First & most important change...INSTRUCTORS. It saddens me to announce that Auntie Em will be taking a sabbatical from the academy for a while. Relax, nothing is “wrong”, & she’s still a valued part of the HOB family forever. However, due to her being on her journey to become a priestess, she was given a specific mission with very specific instructions that have a tremendous impact on her being able to teach classes at this time, For example, cutting back on social media activity & not being on camera as much. We are very proud of Em & will still hold space for her should she choose to return after her process. She will be greatly missed. This is definitely not a goodbye, just a see you later.

During the month of December, I will be offering makeup classes to give all the students a chance to catch up before launching the new curriculum for 2021. The following classes will be repeated:

Eclectic Ancestor Veneration

Intro To Spellwork Series

Hoodoo Series

Intro To Voodoo Series

Black Is King Symbolism

Lemonade Symbolism

In 2021 you will see more advanced classes like Akashic Records, Beginner Spellwork, Orishas, Occultism, & many more. Goddess Circles will continue as well as Yoga with Peace in the morning. Our very own Dre will be taking over meditation soon, & a few other coven members will be tea classes on Tarot, Astrology, Birth Charts, & even Small Business Start Up. You will need to also download Google Classroom if you have not already because the more advanced classes have assignments that accompany them.

Also be sure to swing by to get your official HOB Academy merchandise.

I’m looking forward to a new semester & new horizon. I love each & every one of you & appreciate your involcement in HOB Academy. 2021 will be lit!

~Muva Blanco

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