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As the classes become more detailed & advanced there will be some assignments that go along with them. These assignments will be posted on Google Classroom & will have specified due dates. Some of the assignments will be expected to be turned in before class starts, others are for after class just to see what you’ve learned before moving forward to the next class. I strongly suggest downloading the Google Classroom app but it can also be accessed from your browser. Not all classes will have assignments but the more advanced series will have reading materials & questions, not to put extra work on you, but to ensure that you are getting a full understanding of the more advanced topics. a lot of you have shown that you are dedicated to your learning & that hasn’t been overlooked on our end. So we’re gonna kick it up a notch. After all, this is an actual academy, not a social group right? So if you guys want to learn, I’m behind willing to teach! See you guys in the next class!

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