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Hello Loves! So we decided to change up how we're doing the next book club meeting. We'll still be reading Witches of Louisiana by Natasha Jarrett but were going to break up the book in two parts and have two separate meetings. The first meeting will still be April 3rd, 2022 and we'll be discussing chapters 1-8 and the second meeting will be April 24th, 2022 for the remaining chapters 8-16. This one is a pretty easy read so if you wanted to join and thought you were too late you're not babes!

I'm linking below the links to the free PDF copy we have in the HOB Library and the link to purchase a physical copy from amazon if you choose. Also below will be links to register for part one and two of the upcoming meetings.

If you register and don't finish the chapters, still absolutely come to the meetings and have a good time with us.

Love you all and see y'all in a few weeks!


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