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HOB Scholarship

Peace Beloveds. The HOB Scholarship Fund was started to help students that may need financial assistance with their class tuition. Approved students received a promo code that covers their tuition. This code was intended for APPROVED STUDENTS ONLY...Meaning that you spoke to myself or Auntie Em directly & one of us provided you with the code. HOWEVER, some students took it upon themselves to not only share the scholarship code, but also Zoom links from the classes with friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. That is completely unacceptable.

So long story short, the previous scholarship code was disabled & a new one has been created. Any student who needs the scholarship program will need to speak to Em or myself AGAIN to get the new code. Please do not enroll in the scholarship program unless you actually need the assistance. I would hate for someone who really needs the help to miss out on a slot because someone who doesn’t need it took advantage. If you received a scholarship code in the last 24 hours then you already have the right one. If we run into this code sharing issue again I will simply suspend the scholarship program altogether. Move with integrity folks.


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