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Rise & Grind HOB Scholars! Dropping in to clarify a few things about the new programs.

I will not post the courses to the site for the public until the end of the week. I wanted to make sure my HOB OGs had first dibs before the newbies & muggles come fill up the slots 😉 So if you would like to go ahead & register early you can reach out to me directly by messaging me on the Spaces app & let me know which course you're interested in (yes you can take both) & which payment option you choose. Payments can me be made via PayPal ( or CashApp ($MuvaBlancoHOB). Be sure to include your name & the course name. Once I close early registration you will have to wait until the course is posted publicly & try to get a slot.

THESE ARE NOT YOUR TYPICAL HOB CLASSES! Because these classes are for actual certifications they are a bit more extensive. There is work & quizzes that go along with each course to ensure that you guys know what you're doing before you go out performing these skills with Haus of Blanco backing you. There are Google Classroom modules set up for assignments & you will also have the option of being added to a group chat to communicate with myself & other students. You will also receive a packet once I close early registration that gives you instructions & invite links to the Google classroom & group chat as well as download links for your workbook & Life Coaching Toolkit. It took me over a year to creat these courses. They are super important to me & this Academy, so as the very first students to take these classes you guys are setting the standard. I expect it to be a high one!

We will still laugh & make class fun of course but understand that I'm expecting you guys to be dedicated to learning as well. Can't wait to see you guys in class!

~Professor Blanco 🫶🏽

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