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Intro to Spellwork Series

Hello Beloveds! I’m excited about our new semester. We kicked it off with the Mediumship series & im super proud of all of you that participated. In April we will be launching an Applied Spellwork series with hands on individual & collective spellwork. In order to enroll in Applied Spellwork, the Intro To Spellwork series must be taken first. It is mandatory with NO EXCEPTIONS. This is to ensure that everyone has the foundations of Spellwork down pat before moving on to Application. If you missed the Intro series the first time I am bringing it back around started on Saturday 3/13/2021. If you took the class before & you would like to just refresh your memory before the next series you’re more than welcome register too.

There is also an option to purchase the entire 5 part series at once with a 20% discount so it’s $40 instead of individully for $50. Looking forward to seeing you guys in class!


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