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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

So far only registered HOB students have been told about the mentorship programs, it has not been posted publicly, but the response has been amazing. I appreciate the loyalty & consistency of all of the students here at HOB, so I've decided to give you guys a chance to apply & be selected FIRST before I even announce it on the HOB socials.

So let's break down the specifics, shall we? The 3 programs available are Spiritual Sciences, Vodou Study/Initiation Prep, Hoodoo/Rootwork. Taking classes is one thing, but a mentorship is a bit deeper than that. Me being your mentor means I'm more than just your instructor, we become a part of eachother's personal lives. Once accepted into a mentorship you become a representation of me & HOB as a brand. I do not take that lightly & neither should you if you're selected.

So let's talk COST. Be clear...THIS IS THE COST FOR EXISTING STUDENTS, NOT THE PUBLIC. SO DO NOT ADVISE NEWCOMERS ON PRICING. I have built a bond & relationship with my HOB students over the years & I don't feel like someone brand new to the Academy should come in with the same perks as those who have been here for years. Total cost of a mentorship is $400. I know, I know...not cheap, but Keep in mind that a mentorship is not a bootcamp or class series. It is ongoing. This requires a different level of time, trust, & commitment on both ends. You can pay it upfront if you are able, but as always I make sure there are flexible payment options. An initial payment of at least $100 is required as a deposit & the rest can be broken into $50 payments. My goal is always education first, not profit, so I'm open to working with everyone who is accepted to find a payment plan that works for you. So don't let the pricing discourage you at all.

What if you want to apply for more than one mentorship? Every mentorship after the first one is 50% off. So for example, if you wanted to participate in all 3, the total cost would be $800. And yes payment plans will still be available if you choose more than one. Discounts will also be applied if your total is paid off early.

For the Vodou & Hoodoo Mentorship, your learning materials/books are included in the cost, however, if we agree that you will be officially initiated you will also be responsible for purchasing your initiation supplies. This may include specific clothing/garb, materials for your "head pot" (Vodou only), & ceremonial utensils/accessories, etc. Some of these items can be purchased online from vendors & others have to be handmade, "fed", & blessed by me personally according to protocol. Some of these items are very time consuming to make so it's best to already have in mind if you desire to be initiated or not. Further instructions will be given if you are selected to move on to that process. NOT EVERYONE WILL BE READY FOR INITIATION. This will be decided based on how you perform during the mentorship.

Now that you have a bit more info about the programs, if you are STILL interested here is the application link:

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