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Mentorship Program

Starting in December, Blanco will launch 3 different different mentorship programs. The first will be a Spiritual Science Mentorship...this will include Mediumship, Divination, Astral Projection, Energy Healing, etc. The 2nd will be a Vodou Study/Initiation Mentorship...this will include studying the ATR Vodou/Voodoo directly under Blanco & is also where she will choose her next initiates from. The 3rd will be a Hoodoo/Rootwork Mentorship...this will include spellwork, cleansing, ancestor veneration, etc.

Because these are actual mentorships & not just classes, not only will slots be extremely limited but you have to APPLY & BE ACCEPTED, not just register. You can also apply for more than one mentorship if you choose. Because HOB's priority is always education before profit, affordable payment plans will be available for these programs as well. She hardly ever takes on mentees, especially in Vodou, so once this announcement goes public, expect scammers & fake pages to try to take advantage. If you receive a message via social media from anyone other than myself (Kourtnie) or Blanco advising you of ridiculous mentorship fees, or requesting money period, report the account & alert us ASAP.

If you are interested in any of these mentorships send Blanco a messages via the Spaces app. These slots will fill up quickly so move accordingly.

~KDK, HOB Intern

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