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Message from Muva

Hello my amazing students! You guys have been so patient with me these past few weeks with reschedules & I love y’all for that! The FINAL date for Decoding Dreams will be Tuesday 10/26/21. If you have a personal dream that you remember & would like us to break down during class, feel free to send it to me. We will be closed for the retreat Wednesday-Monday but I will also send out a Zoom link during the weekend so you guys can chat with the coven a bit. Then Wednesday night we will resume Goddess Circle & we will jump back in with brand new classes the following week. Any topic requests for Goddess Circle or suggestions for classes please don’t hesitate to send them to me here on the Wix app any time. I appreciate you guys so much! This pregnancy has brought about lots of changes & interruptions but I’m sure it will all be worth it 😊

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