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I’ve mentioned this before, but we have new students that may not be aware. Although we like to turn up & have fun, Haus Of Blanco is still a SCHOOL. So when you are creating your student profile I should not see social media handles as your name. No ThickNSexy69. No KeishaJustMeNMyKids. Use your given name, your spiritual name, or an appropriate nickname so that the instructors can address you properly. Some courses in the near future will have certificates of completion. Theres no way in hell I’m printing MzNewBooty on a HOB certificate. Whatever name you prefer to be called is your preference. For instance if you’re name is Nicole & you prefer Nicki, I can work with that. If your spiritual name is Angelfire, I can deal with that too. Let’s just not get carried away. The student roster shouldn’t look like a MySpace friends list or a Yahoo chat room. Take a look at your profile & make sure you’re listed appropriately. Thanks folks.


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