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Updated: Feb 14

Peace & Blessings you guys. Just wanted to give a quick update on Blanco because as you all know she’s big on transparency. We originally thought Muva had a stomach bug because the kids had caught one that was going around. But during the SuperBowl we had to rush her to the ER for severe abdominal pain & nausea. It turned out to be much more serious than we thought.

Long story short, Blanco has a hernia the size of a baseball at the top of her stomach. She also has 2 perforations (tears) in her large intestine causing internal bleeding. She will have to have surgery but it is a robotic surgery & there is only one qualified surgeon in our area & he’s hours away from us but they are trying to get her on his schedule asap.

In the meantime, she is on bed rest & being treating by the best holistic doctors we have. Her entire team agrees that while she needs to remain propped up in bed to allow her physical body to heal, with her being use to such a rigorous schedule, being too idle may not be best for her mentally & emotionally. So she will continue to due readings & counselings, & classes will continue on a revised schedule. Myself & the TAs will of course be helping out as much as possible. Yall know she doesn’t complain so her only response has been “Well if Spirit wants me to sit down a while they coulda just said that. They say everything else!” Lol. So she is still in good spirits & cracking jokes like the Blanco we know & love.

Some of you who were aware that she was ill have asked about sending offerings & gifts. Although it is not mandatory, I do believe all of us who are able should pour into her during this time just to show her how much she is loved & appreciated. For almost 6 years now, Blanco has been there for all of us at HOB thru the laughs, tears, grief, births, ups, downs, & spirals. For once we’re in a space to do the same for her. And personally I think we should show the hell out! Even if it’s just encouraging posts/messages to show her how much we care. Monetary gifts can be sent thru the HOB CashApp ($MuvaBlancoHOB) & both PayPal platforms. Those wishing to send physical packages shoot me a message & I’ll provide you with the shipping details.

Let’s pour into her the way she pours into us. And at the very least send her positive, healing energy so she can have an amazing recovery & get back to being our SuperWoman. Much love to you all!

~KoKo 🫶🏽

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