Y’all really don’t want to miss this one. Even I’m taking this class as a student, that’s how good it is. I’m pleased to introduce to you guys, my mother, known as ”Mama Kat”. The wisdom this Queen has is just mindblowing. When the elders speak...we listen. And if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting or talking to my mom then you know this class is about to be hilarious & LIT AF!

Financial Aid available upon request (leave it for those that really need it).

Friday September 18th @ 7pm EST


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Don't forget to register for any rituals you may need tonight! You have until midnight EST to register for as many as you need. Once you choose your rituals, send a message with the following: NAME DO

If you didn’t get to register for last night’s rituals/burns…or you didn’t send your petitions…DO IT NOW!!! Imma spin the block one more time tonight. Don’t never say I don’t love y’all lol!