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Update on Muva

Updates after today appointments: The earliest she can get on the surgeon’s calendar as of today is the end of March & they want her on bed rest or at least light duty until then. She has been flagged so if there are any cancellations she’ll be moved up the list immediately. And complete bed rest for at least 4-6 weeks afterwards. So this is going to be a long road.

Any of you guys that asked about sending Blanco care packages, forgive me I don’t remember who all it was so I’ll just sit it here, in this area we have only Instacart for groceries, DoorDash for food/convenience/dollar stores, & Walmart + for everything else. We don’t have Kroger & all that kind of stuff near here because it’s the country lol.

She can not eat solid foods right now & won’t be able to for a few weeks so soups, ramen, pre-made pastas like chef boyardee, rice, mashed potatoes, jello, applesauce, pudding, probiotics yogurt, popsicles, oatmeal, dry cereals, pretty much things you would feed a toddler lol. We’ve been giving her lots of soft flesh fruits as well like bananas, watermelon, fruit cups, but no citrus fruits because of the acidity.

As far as drinks, no dairy & no caffeine or carbonated drinks period other than ginger ale so almond or oat milk, Gatorade, bottled water, Welch’s juices, etc.

Other helpful items: throw blankets, loose fitting pajamas (2X/3X), socks, insulated cups, heating pads, coloring books, etc. NO FLOWERS due to allergies & current condition of lungs.

Thank you to those who have already sent things. None of this is mandatory by any means. Just informational for those that asked. Shoot me a direct message for the delivery address. She will be at the main house so that she’s closer to the hospital if need be.

And of course her cash links are

CashApp: $MuvaBlancoHOB

~KoKo, HOB Executive Assistant

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Sending prayers to you Blanco 🙏💕

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