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Meet Rev. J.N. Huskey
"Muva Blanco"

     Peace Beloved. As the Founder & "Muva" of Haus Of Blanco, it warms my heart to welcome you all to our space. I am formally known as Rev. J.N. Huskey, also known as Jzajaidah (Juh-High-Duh lol), but affectionately called "Muva Blanco" by her patrons & students. 


     As someone invested in healing, I am a Queen that wears many crowns. I believe that healing involves the entire person as a whole: Mental, Physical, & Spiritual. Mental: I specialize in Holistic Therapy/Coaching, finding organic ways to take care of your mental/emotional health & wellbeing. Physical: I am also a Naturopath & Holistic Health Practitioner. I utilize naturopathic methods to help you maintain your physical wellness. Spiritual: I am an ordained interfaith minister specializing in African Traditional Religions & Indigenous Spiritual studies. As a professor at Haus Of Blanco Academy, I teach classes in Metaphysical & Esoteric Science, including spiritual modalities such as meditation, yoga, sound therapy, etc.  Combining spirituality, physical & Mental Health Support is a true & deep-rooted passion of mine. 

     I am the Creator of "Trap Therapy", a platform dedicated to getting rid of misconceptions about mental health & therapy, & promoting all around wellness & healing in the Urban BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ communities.

     Feel free to create a student profile & take a look around the site. Be sure to register for any classes that resonate with you. If you're thirsty for spiritual knowledge, you're in the right place! 

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