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The New Eden Healing Arts Center (ADL Chapel #2302) offers both in-person & virtual healing experiences. With energy healing modalities like Reiki, Sound Therapy, & Somatic Healing we specialize in creating customized healing plans for each individual. Here at New Eden, we believe in creating our own personal Paradise, or Garden of Eden, just the way the Creator intended. Your Garden awaits...

Holistic Therapy

Counseling sessions formatted to help your mind, body, spirit, & soul.

Guided Meditation

In-person or virtual meditation sessions with personalized guided prompts. Perfect for those who have a hard time reaching that zen space on their own.

Life Coaching

Monthly or long-term coaching packages to develop & guide you through a personalized plan for healing.

Spiritual Readings

In-person or virtual Intuitive readings . Mediumship/Ancestor readings also available.

Energy Healing

Using the ancient artforms of Reiki, Sound & Somatic healing to break up & release any stored trauma or energy. Both in-person & distance sessions available.

Spiritual Sciences Classes

Online classes in various spiritual modalities including Astral Projection, Meditation, Herbology, etc.

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