5 Reasons Why Hanging with Spirits is Better than Living Humans (unless they talk to Spirits too)

  1. Spirits don’t lie. When you’re tapped In, they actually have a habit of being too truthful 😂

  2. They listen to whatever music you want and hype you up internally. You ever be dancing in ritual all of a sudden you just feel free den a mf 😍😍

  3. They are never ungrateful! My spirits just want recognition. They don’t care what time of day it is or how exactly I acknowledge them, they just want to be seen, felt, heard.

  4. They let you be yourself and encourage it! Sometimes they know you better than you know yourself! Any critique your Spirits have is likely for the better good.

  5. Lastly, they never leave your side! Living humans come and go... but Spirits are always around in some way 😉

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