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Beware of Spiritual Envy

Often times I find myself watching Spiritual or Witchy content, and I am so filled with joy because I see myself - I relate. And then that ugly thing called jealousy creeps in and I start thinking “Oh look she had an amethyst cluster.. I don’t have one. I’m not aligned. Oh She is more woke than me. She has herbs I never heard of. She has this tea I don’t have. Oh look she had paintings I don’t have.” I start looking at my surroundings like I am not worthy of being a witch. And that’s false.

We all are at different points in the journey. We might have went to a different store, or read the same book in different years, or followed a different YouTuber —- but the intention is the same. We are all on a healing journey. So this is to remind you to be grateful where you are on your journey today.

Affirm: I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am grateful where I am on my journey at this time. Asé.

~ Nepty

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