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Life Skills: The Me Factor

One of the most important life skills you will ever have is learning to love yourself. It seems extremely cliché and the first thing that people typically say is of course I love myself or yes I love me, if I don't who will? But to that I ask the uncomfortable question: Do you love yourself or do you deal with yourself? I've been guilty of dealing with myself before...going with the flow to avoid confrontation. In reality, the world is full of people who scream and self-love and self-care, meanwhile they're in the middle of their depression not knowing how to climb out of it on the inside and on the outside their face is beaming and smiles. We can only really wear a mask for so long before over use causes the painted smile to chip away.

I was talking to someone that I care about very much and they were telling me about their transition away from the person that they cared about. While listening to them tell me how much they were finish and done with the person...the only thing I heard was their soul screaming. It was screaming "I am scared." It yelled "I don't want to be alone". It cried out " I need to have someone with me so that I feel complete". Being an empath I felt all of their emotions, the confusion, the worry, the self-doubt, the happy memories floating in and the sad ones that over shadowed them. Lastly, I felt the wishing. The hoping they could change this person and the hopelessness of knowing that they couldn't but deciding in that moment to mentally stay in the relationship anyway. By mentally, I'm referring to allowing that person to hold space in their head rent free. Love and hate travel on the same gradient scale as dark and light. The world is full of these scenarios though, and they appear in all aspects of our lives they just manifest in different contexts. Sometimes we are given choices and other times lessons...unfortunately some more painful than others.

This is why I say the most important life skill that you will ever learn is to love yourself. No one is going to love you like you can. And there is no love like the love you feel when you decide to sit in your truth and your personal glory and self worth. One step further, no one can truly love you how you know you need to be loved 100% of the time but you. Please stop and reread that again.

You are the child that your ancestors prayed for. You are the hope that your ancestors had with a future free from bondage (physically and mentally) and full of Hope. When you think about that look at your current situationships and how you allow people to treat you. If at any point you shy away because you feel weakened or scared say to yourself:

  • I deserve better than how you treat me.

  • I deserve better than the pain your are causing me.

  • My ancestors did not drop blood and sweat to the Earth for me to sit here and dwell on someone who cannot see my worth.

  • I am protected and I am worthy of being loved how I need to be loved.

This can be applied to any aspect of your life whether it's your love life, your work life, your family life, or your spiritual life. Loving yourself it's not a skill that everyone has but it is definitely a skill that everyone can develop. Say your name...speak your truths and work on the shadows because some of us have wounds that go back to childhood that we have yet to heal. Some of us dont even know they are there, we just know when we are triggered.

You are beautiful, insightful, intelligent, Worthy and you have a spiritual army standing behind and beside and in front of you. Just because you don't see them holding you up, does not mean they are not there and they are waiting for you to walk into YOUR power. I don't know who needed to hear this but wipe your tears and fix your are not broken.

With Love,


P.S. Soooo yeah this was not the direction that I was taking this in initially, but since this is where we ended up I guess it is where it was meant to be.

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