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Take better care of yourself .

Invest in your self. Whether it's money, time or energy always take the time to put back into yourself. People will try to make you feel less than for doing so that's their problem. You can't flourish if you don't tend your own garden. If you fall in to the pattern of aimlessly moving through life that's just passing time that isn't investing. Make purposeful moves on your own behalf. Take time to treat yourself well. Clean yourself up get out and into fresh air and sunshine. We need it. Clean the space around you. Your environment is indicative of your mind state. Meditation in a clean clutter free space is more powerful than you think. Turn on some music and dance with yourself get into your body and get to know it well. Take yourself out on a date even if its a lunch you pack yourself to eat out on a blanket in the park. The point of it all is to treat yourself well, because if you don't treat yourself well people will interpret it one of two ways typically : they will mistreat you because you have given permission by not treating yourself well or they won't trust you to know how to treat them or things they care about well because how could you if you won't care for you. The end result isn't about the other people it's about you. Its about how you project your energy and expect to receive it back. You can't manifest if you aren't willing to give it to yourself in someway. Just some thoughts to mull over in this season of renewal.

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