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The Importance of Spiritual Cleansing

In every aspect of your world keeping a clean space is crucial, even more so in the realm of spirituality. Traveling in your human vessel can have you pick up some very nasty energies that you didn't even realize were near you. Simple things like sharing space, shaking hands and entering other people's homes can subject you to picking up things. As a habit of good spiritual hygiene cleansing before and after you leave your home are good practice. A cleansing bath once a week and cleansing your space are more things to put into play. Burning a candle with the intention of clearing your space and your psyche are another example. You aren't protecting yourself from only magical energy but negative energy as well. That person from your job who drains the energy from a room, the family member who dumps all their bullshit in your lap, even that neighbor who hates on you and everything that you do all these energies count. They accumulate and you carry that burden, cleansing them away is better for you and your mental state. One very often forgets that energy travels like smoke through a room. It may originate in one space but it disperses and clings to whomever it can. It can very easily travel with you and those you love. You often hear all types of people say they didn't like the energy someplace or they didn't like the vibe. Unconsciously all people are aware of energy and how it makes them feel. You have the advantage of not only being aware of that energy but having the ability of changing or dispersing it. Magic can affect change in your life if you allow it to do so, but first you have to create space for it. Whatever your workings keep in mind that opposing energy has a hard time coexisting in the same place. Imagine a jar filled with marbles, you decide you want water in the jar instead. Undoubtedly, some water will fill the extra spaces but if you clear the marbles first the entire jar can hold water and you don't have to worry about any obstacles in your way. Remember your life both the physical and the spiritual will operate on the same concepts. Spirit will only allow what you have space for. Keeping clean spaces has you ready so you never have to get ready. Preparation is a practitioners best friend.

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