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Weekend of Healing

As you all know, our Beloved Blanco has been battling some health issues. She expressed to us that even though she’s currently in her own battle she feels in her spirit that this is the best time for her to dive into some healing work for her students.

“I can relate to them perfectly in this moment. My desire for healing, my physical struggles, My faith in my ability to be healed. Even my times when I’m down, I want to share that with them so that they know it’s ok”~Muva Blanco

So this weekend, If you or a loved one have been dealing with any type of ongoing physical or mental illness & would like to join us for a collective cleansing & restoration ritual to invite positive healing energy & promote good health moving forward this is the ritual for you. Anything from a cold to chronic illness, from diagnosed mental illness to situational depression, whatever is ailing your body & your mind we are taking power over it & casting it out.

Once you register for the event, Send your name, DOB, & Petition. In your petition describe your condition or situation you desire healing from & why sincerely from your heart. This is one of the rare rituals where Blanco will contact you directly after your candle work is fully burned (likely by Monday) so be sure the email address & phone # listed on your Spaces account are correct or provide the correct info with your petition.

We will also have a HOB healing circle via Zoom including distance reiki & conversation with Blanco on Sunday afternoon so anyone interested in participating in that please send us a message for details

~The HOB Family

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